About Us

We are a 100% Black & locally owned business

Our ambition is to become a leading black owned collection agency in the country and business process outsourcing company in South Africa. Risima is a tech-enabled agency, registered with the council for debt collectors.

We assist clients with maximizing recovery of delinquent and nonperforming accounts while delivering unparalleled positive consumer interactions that exceed expectations.

As we adopt a firm, yet professional approach to collections, we understand the context of the South African debtor and we endeavour to inform, educate and support debtors through the process of resolving their debt, thereby enabling them to improve their debt situations through fair solutions and payment options.

Whilst we always recover debts from our customers in the most respectful and dignified manner, we are firm in our approach and have the capacity and capability to follow the letter of law when it comes to collecting outstanding payment on behalf of our clients.

20 years of combined experienced within the credit and collections environment.
All round experience in :
• Telecommunications
• Banking
• Retail
• Public Sector

• In-house analytics
• Ability to manage escalated collections process
• Digital collections

• 100% Black owned & managed business
• Tailored collection solutions i.e Specialized Solutions